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It's time to kiss the plastic straws goodbye! We have all seen the carnage to our wildlife, marine life and our landscapes caused by plastics that are carelessly tossed out. Let this be your LAST STRAW that you ever use! Your conscience will thank you, as do we. So go ahead, save the turtles!

Each 6 pc set contains a variety of sizes. Four eco- friendly, 100% recyclable, dishwasher safe straws, one cleaning tool and one canvas, zippered, waterproof-lined bag.

Quality sewn canvas bag measures approximately 2 inches X 11.5 inches that keeps everything neat and tidy. Along with this case the set Includes: 10.5 inch bent straw (6mm diameter). 10.5 inch straight straw (6mm diameter). 8.5 inch bent straw (6mm diameter). 8.6 inch smoothie straw (8mm diameter). 10 inch cleaning tool.

100% Guaranteed by Great2bHome!

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