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  • You asked and we listened. All our posters are now offered in 3 sizes (Including the largest in the industry!) and 2 grades of quality paper. Premium and Economy grade. ALWAYS in stock!
  • Premium Grade: Best for group art projects, adults or advanced colorists who want to store or display their finished posters. Premium grade paper is guaranteed the heaviest weight, brightest white, acid free and most durable paper offered in the industry and guaranteed NO bleed through to underside. Premium paper can be used with ALL color media including watercolor paints.
  • Economy Grade: Is perfect for the younger or more casual coloring enthusiast! This paper is a mid-weight, bright white grade and more on par with the standard paper offered by most other coloring poster suppliers. It may not support all the coloring tools as well as our premium grade paper. Economy paper is not recommended for watercolor paint or long-term storage and markers may bleed through to other side.
  • We wanted to help women coping with breast cancer by creating a coloring poster that would be both relaxing and uplifting. Then we thought, "why stop there"? These ribbons of hope can be of comfort to anyone challenged with cancer, chronic disease, rehabilitation or disabilities. Whether you choose to color your ribbons symbolically, or wish to color them all the colors of a rainbow, we hope it helps you calm the storm and bring strength to your healing.
  • All coloring tools, i.e. Colored pencils, Crayons, Markers, Watercolor paints, Pencils and Crayons, are tested on a regular basis. For streak less coloring we recommend that your Sharpie markers be new and fluid and not allowed to dry out. Marker brushes or alcohol markers perform best on our premium grade paper which also allows for greater creativity by adding shading elements to your creations.

All proceeds will go towards the Baystate Ray's of Hope Breast Cancer Fundraiser
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