$ 18.00

"Lovely greeting card of your home!"

Say goodbye to boring mailboxes with this Evergreen 17” x 21” Deluxe Decorative Mailbox Cover – Hydrangeas and Friends. It's embedded with a magical magnetic strip on each side, so it'll attach securely to your mailbox like a charm! Plus, you can slap it onto a plastic mailbox simply by sticking a magnetic strip to the sides. Now that's a real slice of mailbox heaven!

  • Uniquely designed for standard mailboxes
  • Embedded magnetic strip on each side for secure attachment to mailbox
  • Can be placed on plastic mailboxes by sticking a magnetic strip to sides of mailbox
  • Print: Double-Sided
  • Readable: Readable Both Sides   
  • Material: Fade resistant nylon
  • Stitching: Double Stitched 
  • Artist:  Nancy Mink
  • Package Includes:  1 pc 17" x 21"  Mailbox Cover
SKU: EG-56758