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Dimensions: 30'' x 7'' filled part 20'' x 7'' each tie, total length: 70" + long.

Melt your cares away with a fusion of heavenly organic herbs and essential oils to ease pain, stress, inflammation and/or joint stiffness. Filled with organic flax seed, lavender and lavender essential oils. This wrap is a larger version of our smaller 6'' wide wrap and has 6 scent infused flax seed "ribs" as opposed to 4 as in our small size.100% cotton batik.

Lavender is known as “Grandmother’s Incredible Remedy” and has a calming effect. Tie around lower back, wrap around shoulders, place behind neck when reclining or wrap around knees, feet or elbows when sitting.  Can use warm from the microwave or cool from the freezer.

Available in a rainbow selection of batik fabrics, PLEASE NOTE: actual wrap will have similar colors but design will vary. Instructions included. Made in the USA. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed by Great2bHome!

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