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Hot chili peppers balance sweet roasted garlic to create a savory jam. Chili Pepper with Roasted Garlic earned us our first product award at the International Fancy Food Show in 1998.

Glaze on pork or chicken for a savory roast. Simply serve with cream cheese and crackers for a sweet and spicy appetizer.

Ingredients:   Cider Vinegar, evaporated cane juice, bell peppers,roasted garlic, pectin, jalapeno, crushed red pepper

Over the years Bittersweet Herb Farm has won thirteen awards for their products. Keeping true to their core values, they strive to produce products that combine the wholesomeness of small town America and gourmet chic using natural ingredients and artisan practices. We are committed to harvesting the earth's fresh flavors of the fields and use them in enticing ways for everyone to enjoy.

 Refrigerate after opening.

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