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Adelicate, mild blend of spiceswith flavorsof spinach, peas, leek, bell pepper, onion, parsley, garlic and tomato.

Surround a whole chicken with potato chunks and carrots, drizzlewith olive oil, and dust with Garden Harvest for a quick feast. This seasoning is also a staple fordipsand spreadsserved with chips, crackers, bagels or veggies.

Bittersweet Herb Farm is nestled in the beautiful hills of the northern Berkshires along the Deerfield River in Massachusetts.Over the years Bittersweet Herb Farm has won thirteen awards for their products. Keeping true to their core values, they strive to produce products that combine the wholesomeness of small town America and gourmet chic using natural ingredients and artisan practices. We are committed to harvesting the earth's fresh flavors of the fields and use them in enticing ways for everyone to enjoy.

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