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Sought all over the world are the nostalgic landscapes hand painted on blown glass blown ornaments created by the ArtWilk Galleria. Collect and display one or many of these unique creations.

The opening of ArtWilk art studio in Poland was preceded by many years of studies and artistic activity by both Jerzy Wilk and his Wife Maria. They have mainly focused on landscapes, miniatures, still life, flowers and architecture. Many of their works take part in exhibitions in cities such as Ottawa, Hamburg, Chicago, Frankfurt, Milan, Munich, Klagenfurt.

“Nature and landscapes are things that inspires us most - it is they that are the main themes of our works. In our workshop ArtWilk are also working artists, who share with us the love of the Polish landscape.” says master artist, Jerzy Wilk.

All items are handmade such as hand-blown eggs and glass balls, jewelry and other things which have Polish origin and are hand-made by Polish craftsmen.

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