Great2bHome Polish Pottery Buy Back Program


People have many reasons for selling their Polish Pottery, as hard as it is to let go of these beautiful pieces, collectors may find themselves in the following positions;

    • Owning pieces that "Just don't go together as well" with their set
    • Tired of older patterns and want to freshen up their collection
    • Downsizing their homes
    • Having a tag sale or an estate sale and just don't want to deal with the the hassle of figuring out the value of their pieces
    • Needing cash

Why not get the most return on your investment?

You can go through the trouble, time and expense to sell your Polish Pottery on Ebay or at a tag/estate sale, only to get 10 cents on the dollar for your gently used pieces.

We make it easy for you to let go of your Polish Pottery pieces. We buy back your gently used pieces for 25% - 35% of today’s retail value. Most of the time the pieces sold back to us were purchased 15 - 35 years ago when the retail prices were far lower than today, so what you get back may be what you paid!

CASH PAYOUT – 25% to 30%

SHOWROOM CREDIT PAYOUT – 35% of today's retail price

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There are certain restrictions:
    • We buy back your gently loved pieces from all of the Boleslaweic factories
    • We inspect your pieces and grade them for resale, our results are final.
    • Pieces cannot have damage of any kind. No chips, deep scratches, nicks or any repaired pieces.
    • We try not to buy back pieces purchased at TJ Max, Christmas Tree Shops, Tuesdays, or any other discount retail stores.
    • We have been in business over 30 years including brick and mortar stores. Our retail price list will decide what today's retail value is for calculation purposes.
    • We will determine an equivalent piece in our catalog for retail value if the piece is from a factory other than Ceramika Artystyczna factory.
    • Pieces are usually appraised in our retail store by appointment however we will come to you, appraise and pack up your pieces for you if needed:

Great2bHome Polish Pottery and Unique Gifts
Coopers Commons
159 Main St., Unit I
Agawam, MA  01001

    • Appraisals for sellers who will need to ship will be appraised upon images and inspection after receiving pieces.
    • Shipping costs are paid by seller. (for larger shipments we will consider going half)
Variables that may affect your payout:
          • The Boleslawiec production factory
          • Pattern series (Unikat or Traditional)
          • Pattern quality
          • Pattern desirability
          • Condition of pieces

        Our goal is to offer these gently used pieces to the public both in our brick and mortar store and on our website to anyone who may not be able to pay full price for new pieces such as young collectors or are looking for vintage patterns to add to their collection.  All pieces will be sold as pre-owned or gently used at a fair price in today's market.

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