The Dalia Artistic Ceramics Factory is named after the artist and owner, Ewelina Czyzewska's daughter, Dalia.  They have been in production for 5 years while Ewelina has over 20 years of artistic experience. Ewelina designs all of the decorations and runs a small family operation that includes three painters, a woman who applies the glaze and another who pours the molds. Her husband assists her in his free time. You can find Dalia Polish Pottery pieces in Europe (including Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ukraine) and Asia (Japan, Taiwan)

We are more than proud to represent the Dalia factory for Ewelina here in the U.S. both in our online store and in our retail showrooms. I have found that Dalia pieces are on par with the best polish pottery factories in Boleslawiec, Poland. The stoneware is dense and the cobalt blue's are breathtaking. Ewelina takes us on a journey through whimsical meadows and vibrant hillsides, all the while she grounds us as the decorations blend seamlessly together.

Dalia Polish Pottery