Tatiana Ukraine Art

Let me introduce myself… My name is Tatiana.  I’m Ukrainian. I live in Vinnitsa – one of the most beautiful cities of my country.  I’m a wife of my noble husband and I’m a mother of four beautiful kids!

And I’m an artist…

I have been longing for painting since I remember myself. I have been in love with Ukrainian culture since I realized myself as an artist. When I paint, my heart and my soul are contributed to the process. I love painting. I have thousands of patterns in my head and they never repeat… And I am happy when my art brings joy to other people!

In my team I have a wonderful colleague artist Iryna Ugrinchuk. We organize exhibitions and participate in all kinds of fests and events for handmade art together. My professional directions are authentic Ukrainian embroidery and painting of wooden household items, jewelry, accessories in unique combination of Ukrainian styles.

And today, when it is war in Ukraine, my art is my contribution to the victory of Ukrainians over Russians, as majority of earned money I donate to help my people.



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