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Lavender's relaxing and purifying qualities have been since ancient times. Tea blooms made with white tea which open up when you steep in boiling water. Blooms can be steeped 3 times, and after drinking you can keep in cold water for a week as a decoration. Small box is enough for 4 pots with collectible glass cylinder.

Flower Pot Tea Company makes our blooming tea with white and green tea, which comes from the youngest tea leaves and is the least processed kind of team. It’s neither rolled nor oxidized, so it is tea in its purest, most “whole” form, with all the healthful benefits you’d expect from green tea.

They sew the tea by hand into a ball, with different flower creations in the middle, then steam the ball with all-natural fruit juice and let it dry. The tea is therefore infused with the flavor of this juice.

To brew the blooming tea, just pour around a quart of boiling water over the ball and wait 3-5 minutes. The tea will bloom, and the water infused with the tea and juice flavor. It’s hot though – let it cool!

We also have floral tisanes, which are just dried flowers – no flavor, preservatives or anything else added. You brew and drink them like any other tea, but you’ll get a totally unique floral taste and presentation. Our lotuses come from a monastery on one of China’s holy mountains, while the roses come from China’s western region.

From these exotic locations, we bring our teas right into your cup to take you on an amazing floral journey for the senses.  100% Guaranteed by Great2bHome!

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