Let's play Polish Pottery Bingo

Let's win pottery and have some fun!

 We'll be LIVE on Facebook to host monthly Polish Pottery Bingo Parties that will include select pottery, prizes and gifts! We want to make it fun and there will be at least one small surprise gift drawn during each BINGO show.  Purchase BINGO cards here >

There will be a guaranteed grand prize winner during each party! 

  • Each monthly BINGO Party will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month and will start at 4:00 pm and end at 4:50 pm (some games might run longer)
  • Bingo cards will be emailed with 2 cards on each sheet. You can purchase in 2, 4, or 6 card increments. Purchase as many sets of BINGO cards as you wish!  Purchase BINGO cards now >
  • All you need to do is print out your purchased sheets and have a highlighter, marker, coins, chips or whatever you have at home to mark your sheet when your matching letter and numbers are called (i.e. B10, N5, G63)
  • Cards will have 25 numbers and a FREE play in the center
  • Date of Bingo Party is on each sheet. Your personal BINGO cards will be emailed to you after you purchase your cards
  • New cards must be purchased for each monthly BINGO party
  • Maximum of 2 winners per BINGO party
  • 75 numbered balls will be used to spin for letter and number combinations
  • Winning combinations will be 5 numbers in either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal straight line
  • If you can fill all 4 corners of your card you will receive 2 Bonus BINGO cards for the next party!
  • First person to comment BINGO on our screen will choose a winning prize!
  • If there is any time remaining after someone wins, we will continue calling numbers for a possible second winner! Party will not run longer than 50 min.
  • In the event no one wins during the 50 minute BINGO party, we will draw a pottery winner from the participants at the end of the party :~)
  • All winning pottery BINGO prizes will ship FREE!
Winning combinations:

Polish Pottery Bingo winning runs

Purchase your Polish Pottery BINGO cars NOW   Click image below to purchase your BINGO cards!

See you soon!