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Why Can I Find Polish Pottery at Retail Discount Stores?

Laurie Walhovd

Have you ever seen "Polish Pottery" at a discount store?  Perhaps you are in a mall, or at any discount retail store, and you see a piece which seems to be similar to what exists in our two showrooms in Agawam.  Do you wonder what's going on with the price?

Let me explain.  The reason it's cheaper in these retail discount locations is simple: 

There's a world of difference between that merchandise and the guaranteed artwork of the Polish Pottery in our showrooms.  Our Ceramika Artystyczna Polish Pottery comes with a Guarantee of Authenticity, which proves to you that it is indeed from the award-winning factory of Boleslawiec, Poland.  If you turn over a piece of our stoneware, you will find initials of the person who did the painting along with their assigned "number" within the CA factory.  You will also see a symbol of our watermark. Here is an example of the Ceramika Artystyczna watermark.

 At a discount store, you will find two situations going on with their pottery merchandise.  Look carefully, and notice the watermark, which has NO known factory in Poland, the spelling of the town of Boleslawiec, it is spelled Boleslawca as seen on the images below. You will also find the pieces feeling light and flimsy compared to Ceramika Artystyczna pottery.  And finally, the work is more simplistic. This is because it was produced through a different process than our Polish Pottery. There is far less detail and precision than what we carry in our showrooms.  Many times at these discount locations, if you turn over the piece you are considering for purchase, you will notice the following:

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

It has come to our attention that in our local discount stores here in Massachusetts an additional watermark has been added to the bottom of their pieces:

The Manufaktura factory has always been considered a quality factory however it looks like they either have been, or are now, supplying at least the Christmas Tree Shops here in New England. I am not sure why. One could hypothesize that they are producing only a set of certain patterns for discount outlets. It seems to me far-fetched that the traditional process used and the persons necessary to produce just ONE PIECE could in NO WAY allow a dinner plate (as example) to be sold for $12.99!

A long and complicated path is followed to get CA (Ceramika Artystyczna) stoneware to you.  The idea of a new form at first is drawn either on a paper or in a computer, so that after it the product could pass on to another production stage. 

Following are the 14 steps necessary to produce First Product as provided by the factory (we have not edited any content):

 Hand production piece

  1. Hand production primary form
  2. Hand production working form
  3. Hand shaping a product on the traditional rolling
  4. Hand washing and finishing a semi-finished product
  5. Hand arrangement the product on a store of stroller
  6. Hand unloading this product
  7. Hand checking quality of semi-finished product after first taking out from a stove
  8. Hand painting and decorating this product
  9. Hand glazing the product
  10. Hand arrangement on the rolling to the second stove second time fired
  11. Hand unloading finished product
  12. Hand sorting according the norm of pack department
  13. Hand packing this product into a carton

 ***Time needed to paint an average size piece in unique decoration – 1 to 2 hours***

Due to this addition of the Manufaktura Logo to these discount pieces, in our Gently Loved showroom, we are now only accepting Manufaktura Factory Unikat (Signature Series) Polish Pottery for buy back and resale program.

Our reason for this decision is to always continue bringing authentic, artist inspired, quality artwork to our clientele.  

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