Let's talk patterns...

Let's talk patterns...

Laurie Walhovd

So many times a customer will come into our retail showroom and ask, "Do you have a pattern called Sophie's Garden?", or  " I saw this pattern online called Blue Asters, do you carry it?"  Let me be clear:  the factory does not give their patterns names!  Many Polish Pottery retailers, both online and in store, have a tendency to create names for the patterns they carry.  I assure you, there is no significance to these random names given.  Perhaps this is done to make the patterns sound more quaint.

The problem with this practice is that now there are several to dozens of names for the same patterns, which can cause confusion.

Allow me to clarify.  At Ceramika Artystyczna, the factory we primarily sell in our stores, every pattern has a number assigned to it.  On the Unikat (Signature) patterns, the numbers are clearly stamped on the back, beginning with a U, such as U1491, along with the artist's name.

The Traditional series is not as easy to recognize as the Signature, because with the Traditional series, the pattern numbers are not stamped on the back, and have to be looked up in the Ceramika Artystyczna catalog.

I have to admit, I have named some of our Traditional patterns (sigh).  However, from this point forward, I am going to try using only factory pattern numbers. I feel this is the best way to properly represent each decoration.

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