Did the Signature artist actually paint my piece?

Did the Signature artist actually paint my piece?

Laurie Walhovd


Originally, the gifted Ceramika Artystyczna artist, from the award-winning factories of Boleslawiec, Poland, created the pattern. These patterns are referred to as Unikat (Unique) or Signature Series designs...

Numerous steps are necessary to capture these elegant patterns, including the tasks of cutting the sponges, working meticulously with the colors, and deciding which color combination to use in the finished piece of art.

Each artist has a number associated with them, and is usually clearly stamped near the initials. If the artist's name, initials and number all coincide...Congratulations, you have an Original!

Recently, there has been a renaissance of Polish Pottery.  Because of this resurgence, it is indeed a rare treat these days to find a piece by the original artist.

Since the demand is so high for Ceramika Artystyczna Polish Pottery, often another skilled Signature artisan will help paint the pieces, under the supervision of the original artist.

However, I am finding more originals are coming into our buy back and resale program of gently loved stoneware.

Let's take a look at how it's made by taking a glimpse into Polish culture...

Of course, it starts in Boleslawiec, Poland. First, the clay is mined. Next, the artisans build wood forms, and process the white clay, which is exclusive to the Silesia region of Poland, with a unique lead-free glazing. Then, the molds are poured.  Every piece of stoneware is hand-painted, one at a time, using nature-inspired shapes from dried sea sponges. After that, the Ceramika Artystyczna Pottery is pulled and orders are safely packed.  Finally, the treasures are shipped here to the USA, where they make their way into our hearts and homes. 

Now you may wonder: How on earth can a dinner plate only cost $12.99 at the retail discount outlets?  Simple. Those plates are not the same as our Ceramika Artystyczna Polish Pottery!  Not even close to the same.  Test the difference yourself! We inspect every piece and insure you have invested in a genuine, guaranteed piece of art.


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